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Knight of the Empty Spaces
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Magic is the art of the impossible made ordinary, the commonplace seen through the eye of its Creator, and The sound of a cloud in the sky.

Nothing is mundane.

Give up all your assumptions, preconceptions, knowledge, dreams and logic. Sink completely into love. Drown yourself in it. Become a part of the wave that stirs from creation of the Universe.

That's when you'll understand magic... and when you'll no longer need it.

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Knight of the Empty Spaces [userpic]
Oh, yeah....


My childhood geek is showing...

And no, its not cut. Share my geek! share it!

Current Mood: excitedgeekcitement

WAIT, WHAT? Is this an ad for a video game or a fannish short film or is someone really doing a live-action movie?! OMIGOD, the music! The intercuts at the end with the animated characters looked a little fannish and perhaps not like what professional moviemakers might do, so I didn't know what to think. Also, the shaky little voice singing the Star Blazers theme had a fannish feel. But still, what a gorgeous little thing that was! I'd watch the hell out of that movie if they made it!

To this day, I still have my beautiful "Animation Cell Collection" books on Be Forever Yamato and Space Cruiser Yamato, and a couple of "Roman Albums". The artwork was gorgeous. Leiji Matsumoto sure did love him some tall, mysterious blonde ladies.

It is, in fact, a real movie and a real trailer. :) Check it out:


I suspect the animated bits at the end were put there for a comparison... so fans could see that they were trying to be faithful to the original.

I really like Matsumoto's stuff. Lets see... Emeraldas, Maetel, Millenia... yep, he did.

I've got DVDs of The Harlock Saga, Maetel Legend, and videos of Galaxy Express 999, Adieu Galaxy Express 999, and My Youth in Arcadia.

He had a very interesting and unique style...

From Wikipedia:

The main cast of characters has been changed from that of the original anime TV series. Yuki will now have a more active fighting role, and two of the original anime main male characters – Aihara and Dr. Sado – will be female in the live-action version.

Thank heavens they're introducing more female characters, and allowing Yuki to be more interesting! Original!Yuki was like some sort of Smurfette, being the only drop of estrogen in a huge sea of testosterone. Lucas pulled the same crap with his lone Leia Organa amidst a sea of white male rebel soldiers (which you have to admit, dates the look of Star Wars even more than Luke and Han's hairstyles.) Frankly, I think it would read as super-creepy for there to be a lone female character on a ship like this in a modern-day movie, especially one as passive and "motherly" as Original!Yuki -- she was there to look after all the men like some sort of Wendy-in-Peter Pan figure. It would read as a comment or a "thing" rather than just being the way things are if it was done today. I'm glad Yuri's gonna kick some butt this time around.

I think we have BSG to thank for going where no other TV show or movie had gone before when they swapped out a male Starbuck for a female Kara Thrace. Due to the success of that gambit, it's become something that other PTB will consider as a thing to do when updating old pop-culture shows or movies. I swear, if I were the director of the new A-Team movie, I'd have changed Face into an attractive and smooth female officer. (And, you know, had a better script.)