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Knight of the Empty Spaces
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Current Thought
Magic is the art of the impossible made ordinary, the commonplace seen through the eye of its Creator, and The sound of a cloud in the sky.

Nothing is mundane.

Give up all your assumptions, preconceptions, knowledge, dreams and logic. Sink completely into love. Drown yourself in it. Become a part of the wave that stirs from creation of the Universe.

That's when you'll understand magic... and when you'll no longer need it.

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Knight of the Empty Spaces [userpic]
I should probably be medicated for this or soemthing...

Am I the only person who wants to see a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic, set in the modern day, with that guy from the Dos Equuis commercials in it?

Yeah, I kind of thought I might be...


That would totally rock!

Or be unspeakably lame.

I'm not sure which.

You are not alone! No, not me: my husband, ComicbookMan, would undoubtedly love to see that. I accused him of ordering his first Dos Equuis (on draft at the restaurant we had dinner in last night) just because he was influenced by the commercials and he admitted he loves that guy. Also? Apparently pretty good dark ale.