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Wandering the Labyrinth

A Conspiracy of Cartographers

Knight of the Empty Spaces
14 December
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Not much to say really. I have a Master's degree in History (Tudor-Stuart England, Popular culture in Early Modern Europe, Witch-craze, and Medieval)and work as a systems engineer (at the corporate headquarters of Jo-Ann Fabrics). I read a lot and harbor the delusion that I will some day be published somewhere beyond Ohio Writer magazine.

As for hobbies, it might be easier to list the things I'm NOT interested in. However, I role-play often, hunt ghosts when I can, and write when I have the energy.

Religiously, I am completely eclectic, with bits and pieces of Christianity, Wicca, Sufi, and various and sundry other Neo-Pagan paths. In short, when I die, the Powers-That-Be will look at my soul, throw up their hands in disgust, and say "Forget it! Go whereever you want!" I think that there IS a proper way to behave. I think people know it instinctively. I also think that most people choose not to live that way, particularly those who exhibit the kind of mono-maniacal devotion to a single ideology and try to bludgeon those around them into conforming with their ideal. Those are the only sort I would be consciously antagonistic too. Right now, that is reserved for the Religious Right in this country. Not, mind you, the average Christian, but the Holier-than-though maniacs trying to overturn the Enlightenment and turn the US into a Neo-Fascist Theocracy and grind education and rationality into dust. (Pardon my rant.)

I have a weakness for puzzles and mysteries. I want to be like the Shadow... I want to be the one who knows. I like being lost in labyrinths; physical, metaphysical, and literary. Nothing better than being lost in the midst of something beautiful and artistic. If something is surreal, occult, or sometimes just plain WeIrD, then chances are, I'll like it.

I have a genuine fascination with beauty. I can find it in the oddest places.

Politically, I call myself a "Utopian Anarchist." because I'd like to eventually see everybody just get along and not NEED governments. I'm a pacifist, and a liberal, and I do not consider those to be bad things.

And then there is the magic...
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